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Issue 12: Some Assembly Required - LTE
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  • Issue 12: Some Assembly Required - BloomingMemories
  • Issue 12: Some Assembly Required - LTE
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Issue 12: Some Assembly Required

Spring/Summer 2024


The theme of this issue, "Some Assembly Required," is both an invitation and a call. It’s a celebration of layered processes and histories and an exploration of what happens when we create space for collective action. With stories that cover past collective actions, current organizing, and more, Issue 12 is a reminder that the only way to find our path forward is to build it.

Issue 12 will be released at our annual launch event on May 18. It will be available for pickup by selecting the "Party Entry" ticket. Otherwise, copies will be shipped beginning May 22. 

Cover: Hong Hong, 内陆/Inland (detail), 2023

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In this Issue





From the Editor

Jameson Johnson


The Boston Collective: Assembled at the Right Place and Time

Martina Tanga


A Perch with Purpose: Jean Shin’s salvaged trees offer resting sites for migrating birds and human visitors at Appleton Farms

Karolina Hać


Developing a Movement: How the Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement used printed matter to protest apartheid

Jovonna Jones


Literature and Liberation A bookstore and gathering place comes to Fields Corner

Niara Simone Hightower


When Artists Organize: The Fight Against Displacement in Greater Boston

Shira Laucharoen


Piece by Piece: A close look at three mixed-media works

Jacqueline Houton

Editor's Picks

Putting the Public in Public Art: How participatory projects are bringing Bostonians together

Jacquinn Sinclair


The Conditional No

Tania Brugera


Bodies as Geographies, Paper, Mountains: In Conversation with Hong Hong

Danni Shen


Blooming Memories: In Conversation with Jo Nanajian

Helina Almonte, Dylan Bunyak, and Erwin Kamuene


Party as Practice: How nightlife is cultivating creative community in Boston

Gina Lindner

Editor's Picks

Dear Reader, Don’t Read


Artist Project

Incense Ingots

Limited Time Engagement

Artist Project

Noé Martínez: "The Body Remembers" at the Rose Art Museum

Zach Ngin


Lorraine O'Grady: "Both/And" at the Davis Museum

Alisa Prince


“Like Magic” at MassMoCA

Jessica Shearer


“Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme: Only sounds that tremble through us” at the MIT List Visual Arts Center

Toby Wu


“Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Envelopes Addressed and Mailed by Type Designers and Notable Graphic Designers” at Katherine Small Gallery

Poppy Livingstone


“Wu Tsang: Of Whales” at the ICA/ Boston

Thea Quiray Tagle


Articles from this Issue

Issue 12Jul 17, 2024

A Perch with Purpose: Jean Shin's Salvaged Trees Greet Birds and Visitors at Appleton Farms

Feature by Karolina Hac

Issue 12Jun 12, 2024

When Artists Organize: The fight against displacement in Greater Boston

Feature by Shira Laucharoen