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Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m not exactly sure what my pitch is yet, can the BAR team help me? 

Sure! If you have an idea but don’t know exactly what the right angle or direction is, send us a note to well in advance of the deadline and we can offer some ideas for how your pitch could fit into this issue. Questions or vague ideas submitted within two days of the deadline will be considered as your pitch and there may not be room for our team to work with you.

I’m a writer and would love to write for BAR, but don’t exactly know what I want to write about. What can I do? 

We’re always looking for writers to assign stories to. Please use the submissions form to send us an introduction, tell us a bit about yourself, and share some writing samples. We’ll reach out if we have a story brewing that might be a good fit.

I’m an artist and would like my work to be considered for this issue. What’s the best way to present my work? 

When submitting your own work for publication, it is important to recognize that unless selected for an Artist Project, we will need to pair you with a writer who is interested in covering your work in the form of an interview, profile, or feature. With that, please note anything that might be of interest to a writer, such as recent or upcoming exhibitions, forthcoming projects, or a strong hook for why your work is not only related to the theme, but timely. Why should readers know about you and your work right now? How does your work contend with larger conversations within Boston and the contemporary art world?

I’m a writer who is interested in interviewing an artist. Should I reach out to the artist first? 

If the artist is not someone you have a working relationship with (i.e. you wanted to interview Deana Lawson about her ICA show), please DO NOT reach out to the artist or the institution prior to submitting your pitch. We receive a large amount of pitches, oftentimes with multiple people pitching the same artist, exhibition, or idea, and in those moments our team has the discretion to select the best writer for that subject.

If the artist is someone who you have a working relationship with, you could reach out to them and let them know you are pitching their work. They might be able to offer news or information that would strengthen your pitch.


This is a Zoom recording outlining tips and best practices for pitching to BAR. While this info session was held in advance of our last issue, its guidance remains accurate for future issues. If this is your first time writing for us, there’s a chance your first draft and final draft will look pretty different by the end of our editing process. We work collaboratively with writers every step of the way.

Conflict of Interest Policy:

At their discretion, the Boston Art Review editorial team reserves the right to decline a pitch for any reason. The editorial team will try to share feedback, but it is not always possible based on the number of pitches received.

In cases where the writer and artist/institution/organization (i.e. author and subject) have a close personal, working, or financial relationship, it is the responsibility of the person submitting the pitch to disclose such information. In some cases, we will need to decline the pitch; in others, we can move forward and acknowledge the relationship within the piece.

The editorial team may decline a pitch due to their own relationship to a subject. The editorial team will disclose that conflict should it arise and offer an alternative should it seem fit.

The editorial team will not consider pitches from a writer whom a gallery, institution, PR firm, or organization has commissioned to pitch. Suggestions from galleries, institutions, and organizations may be considered at the discretion of the editorial team and in the instance of an available writer.

Are you a writer interested in contributing to BAR, but not sure what you’d like to write about? We are currently expanding our writer roster and want to hear from you! Send us a short note introducing yourself and please include a writing sample or recent byline. Please email to learn more.

Our editorial team is growing! We’re currently seeking to expand our editorial team with individuals who possess writing, reporting, editing, publishing, arts admin, or curatorial experience. We will especially prioritize BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ individuals who are Boston-based in an effort to ensure our editorial team is representative of the communities whose stories we often cover, but who by and large do not make up a significant portion of mastheads at critical publications in our region or across the arts publishing landscape. This is a paid opportunity with varying time commitments throughout the year. Please email to learn more.

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