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Online May 23, 2024

In Photos: The Boston Art Review Issue 12 Launch Party

On May 18, over 550 guests from across Boston's art scene gathered for an evening of dancing, magic, and celebrating our latest print issue set against the backdrop of our 2024 benefit art sale.

Feature by BAR Editorial

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Online May 21, 2024

2024 Benefit Art Sale

Support the future of Boston Art Review with the purchase of framed artworks by leading Boston artists. All proceeds will go toward our writer fund.

Feature by BAR Editorial

An installation features gold hangings suspended from the ceiling.

Online May 21, 2024

New Gallery No Call No Show Gives Artists a Space to Test-Run Big Ideas

The Distillery is Boston-based artist Andy Li's imaginative new gallery, where artists can connect with one another, workshop new pieces, and explore unorthodox installation methods.

Feature by Emma Breitman

Various spreads from Boston Art Review's Issue 11: Emerge, spread on a grey background

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Online May 21, 2024

2024 Benefit Art Sale

Feature by BAR Editorial

Online Feb 27, 2024

Jessi Stegall Is Offering Odes


An assortment of holiday gifts to purchase, from sake to books.

Online Dec 04, 2023

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Feature by BAR Editorial

Headshots of Artadia awardees Luis Arnías, Juan José Barboza-Gubo, and Alison Croney Moses.

Online Oct 31, 2023

Announcing the 2023 Boston Artadia Awardees


Works of art from Artadia finalists Juan José Barboza-Gubo, Alison Croney Moses, and Allison Maria Rodriguez.

Online Oct 10, 2023

Artadia Announces 2023 Boston Finalists


A checkered pattern featuring green tones by Courtney Stock is on sale.

Online May 21, 2023

Fifth Anniversary Benefit Art Sale

Announcement by BAR Editorial

Online Apr 04, 2023

Like Mel King: Honoring His Legacy

Feature by Nakia Hill

An installation features a beige crib and a colorful design of children, set against a white wall.

Online Dec 30, 2022

Our Favorite Art Moments of 2022

Feature by BAR Editorial

A display of holiday gifts to purchase, including a black BAR tote bag and a T-shirt.

Online Dec 06, 2022

The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Feature by BAR Editorial

Three artists, Napoleon Jones-Henderson, Stephen Hamilton, and Shantel Miller, who won Artadia awards.

Online Nov 08, 2022

Artadia Announces 2022 Boston Awardees


Tables set up by exhibitors at the Boston Art Book Fair.

Online Nov 02, 2022

The Boston Art Book Fair Is Making Its Return

Announcement by BAR Editorial

Six works from Boston area artist finalists.

Online Oct 11, 2022

Artadia Announces 2022 Boston Finalists


Guests have fun at Boston Art Review's Issue 08 launch party.

Online May 24, 2022

Event Recap: The Issue 08 Launch Party

Feature by BAR Editorial

Gift ideas, including lipstick, a book, a bag, and apparel, featured against a rose colored background.

Online Dec 01, 2021

The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Feature by BAR Editorial

Two women read a copy of Boston Art Review Issue 07 while at the magazine's release party.

Online Oct 19, 2021

Issue 07: Rooting Launch Event Recap

Announcement by BAR Editorial

Online Sep 01, 2021

Announcing the Collective Futures Fund 2021 Grantees


Online Jun 05, 2021

Home is a Place Called Bella

Specialty Column by Christopher Streat

Gabriel Sosa's billboard, featuring Spanish text in orange, is positioned on top of Grove Hall Pizza.

Online Feb 14, 2021

Words: What Are They Good For?

Interview by Danielle Adams

A stack of blue and pink magazines.

Online Jan 26, 2021

Soothsaying from the Print Crypt

Feature by John Arvanitis

Tschabalala Self is in her studio, poised in front of a work that features that image of a woman's bare form.

Online Jul 15, 2020

Tschabalala Self Hardens the Medium

Interview by Annie Armstrong

A sculpture represents an individual's head, with a green COVID-19 mask appearing on the lower half of the face.

Online May 21, 2020

Artists Are Essential Workers

Critical Perspective by Amy Halliday

An abundance of colorful, inflatable figures hanging in the Cyclorama.

Online Sep 11, 2019

A Joy Ride with Nick Cave

Interview by Jacqueline Houton

An artwork by Pelle Cass displays swimmers diving into a pool and assembled on a staircase nearby.

Online May 23, 2019

Pelle Cass Taught Me How To Like Sports

Interview by Annie Armstrong

A triangular structure has lettering spelling the word "forest," while appearing in the woods.

Online Oct 08, 2018

A Farewell Trail: The "Hemlock Hospice"

Critical Perspective by Sophie Kissinger

An installation emerges in an outdoor scene of a lush forest with a pond.

Online Jun 03, 2018

"Beyond Boundaries" at Riverway Park

Quick Bit by Phil Zminda

Photographs by Yorgos Efthymiadis appear on a white refrigerator.

Online Jun 03, 2018

Somerville's Kitchen Show

Review by BAR Editorial

Two side-by-side photographs join together to make one image, with small text saying "this is a stolen t-shirt" on the left side and larger text saying "Contraband" on the right. A white car is in the background of both images, with a person wearing a t-shirt in the foreground. The person is on the edge of the frame in the image to the left, and at the center of the frame in the image to the right.

Online Mar 08, 2018

In Conversation: Fort5 Talks Contraband

Interview by Avery Robertson

Leah Eve Corbett's photography on the wall at Tres Gatos. Nearby to the right are mugs and sweeteners.

Online Jan 28, 2018

Nonbinary at Tres Gatos Jamaica Plain


Online Dec 19, 2017

SanQtuary at Distillery Gallery


A flyer-like collage has various images on a light background, with "Bedroom to Gallery: Accumulations of the Self" in the top left corner and "19:00-21:00 Distillery Gallery 516 E 2nd Street South Boston One night only" on the bottom right corner.

Online Nov 29, 2017

Accumulations of the Self

Critical Perspective